The Creative Shelter  was founded by Susie K Taylor. It is her concept of working on and building out STROYIZATIONS that change the temperament of one’s own life and the community they live it. Through her METHOD, the Creative Shelter approaches stories and pulls out threads that  need to be unknotted. Susie uses music and movement to unlock the truths and believes in rewriting ones role and history through a shift of perspective.

Her goal is to establish a steady voice for her stream on consciousness. A kinder more forgiving approach to story telling.

Her research both personal and academic have led her to understand that the stories we tell ourselves are not based on a healthy truth UNLESS  we are in flow. If we are heavy and stressed, then it is just a sign that our story may have knots that need to be undone  and our characters may have holes that need to be filled. Through this she helps her clients find their truths which in turn leads to their healing.

Through the  absence of information we take an opportunity to examine and rewrite a different scenario.

Most of our stories have knots and our characters have holes. Some from today and some from years ago. Susie found that in order to build a flowing life, one must dare to lay to rest the stories that don’t serve us anymore and through that release we are privy to being recast in a new play with a new role.

The creative Shelter uses live performance, photography. film, web, radio music, dance and anything else that explores the STORYIZATION.

To learn her method, please feel free to drop into any open class or book a private.