Storyization CLASSES



Take responsibility for you own life

Forgive yourself then others

Reconnect with your true-self

Play with your STORY

Find your true calling

Connect with others



Find your Stories! Move through them! Understand them! Rewrite them and Flow

“Storyization is the culmination of my life’s work in the arts, teaching and business. After pursuing my MFA in acting in London, I pursued my dreams in the big apple where I became an expert fitness instructor waiting for my big break. Upon moving back to Miami to pursue a life with my soulmate, I expanded my experience on Stage and Film while developing and producing various events for causes I felt passionate about. Upon becoming a mother, my passion and vision led me to invent and manufacture the Ultimate Baby Bib which gained world wide exposure on the ABC show Shark Tank. My true calling has always been in finding our own truths and pursuing our dreams ethically and passionately to become the “hero of our own story.” After fine tuning my course at the New York Film Academy, I am now bringing storyization to you to help rewrite your own story”



9am-10:15 am and 1:15pm -2:30pm

Barefoot and in clothes you can move in

PLAY with
Mediation, Energy Work, Sound healing, Sensual Movement and
Acting Techniques!