property of creative ideas

searching searching searching
photo of me trespassing a neighbors house I am in LOVE with

for so long I have held my ideas to my chest but lately i am pushing them out. I think this is healthy but then I find my own ideas and words in other peoples mouths and in their art and in their grants and I wonder how they became there.

  1. we are all in the same creative chat room
  2. I sell them well and others buy the idea as theirs
  3. people mine me for creativity

I feel the 3rd one is more aprapo.

I am not interested in being mined


I shall limit entrance and close down my paths to outsiders

I feel betrayed and yet I welcomed them in

Is it possible to be creativly RAPED

I think yes

and by a loved one you know

I think yes

and what to do

we are all taken advantage of

we are all wanting to TRUST

and be honest

but are we?

I say no

I say we are all at the base line assholes trying to be better

but if you don’t think you are an asshole.

I am wary of you

you will act without awareness

No doubt.

and in that action I will become keenly aware

of just what kind of Asshole you are and I


love you


my creative mine



my secret sauce my conversations

with source

i am not afaid

or care if you take

I am an endless river of juice

that sqeezes from my veins

if you just ask

i release and

in that you breath

you inhale


a version of ME

and so


joyful loving kind word.

be it all