What We Do


The examination of the untold and unseen aspects of people’s stories through the creation of three-dimensional living portraits. Exposing the threads of a STORY  in hopes of finding new  opportunities for authentic universal connections.

Using our SMURF technique we can help understand and tell your personal story.

Current and Past Storizations:

  1. Bettie and Bunny: Icons REvisitied
    Artists Katherine C. McDonald and Susie K. Taylor explore what working together feels like in their raw, exposed journey to create the storization of famed icons Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager.
  2. What if? :an experiment in pieces
    Through personal storyization, Susie K. Taylor – owner of Bibbitec and the founder of the Creative Shelter – exposes herself in order to find authentic connections.
  3. Power Bitches- A Performance that combined Long form improv with Story in order to find the hole for which trauma can become funny and thus the hole from which a new perstective can begin to be imbedded. We explored a  new way of healing by using humor to de-charge the universal pain body in a public setting and recast the role of victim and replace it with   Victor. The participants, both in the performance and in the audience, left with a new way considering the universal pain body.

    Miami’s Power Bitches take on Sex Trafficking in a funny way


Storyization Classes:

Susie, The founder of the Creative Shelter,  developed a series of movement that unlock your true self and connect with what she believes to be the ARTIST in all of us. It is a return HOME through acting with kindness and asking for forgiveness both ffrom ourselves and those around us.

Storyiation: What Role are you Playing?


changes the conversation of  how do we get into  a ROLE  and turns it on its head. The more interesting question for Susie was how do we get out of a ROLE? ANd can we do it without too much destruction.

Susie developed a method that does allow you, in a safe space, to te gently deconstruct and  de-charge past pains. Through movements and songs we can find the holes that can be the margin of error we need in order to create the authentic change. The space  in our present character that allow us to gently,swiftly, shift our  formed perspective  of that memory and choose a more suitable one that allows a flow of energy.

This release stress and anger and fear in the time it takes to have a thought.

The goal is to use the concepts of self love and universal forgiveness to unknot our emotional pain body and allow our feeling and connection to flow freely and in present time- not in past circumstances.

It is through this unlocked energy flow that we can transmute our sensual energy and attain our future selves faster and kinder. Listening to the body allows us to tap into what it NEEDS what is authentically wants and then through trust we align ourselves with this, without too much question and we begin to “follow our Heart.”

We expose and help fill missing roles in the community that are vital to communal heath.