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I Am- Again- So I Push Pause


But first I want to recap my last year in the life of a performance artist. It began with me flying out my co-creator of Jewbana to the Berkshires. We spent a week re-writing the play we wrote in 2019 and what I took to Edinburgh and then to Miami Design District and then to South Beach’s Soho house.

We spent a time resting it and then we were hosted in NYC by my Bestie Daria and we read the script…had people read it. Then I was part of the United Solo Festival in Late September and we were able to celebrate with my entire family attending and my sister and mom join us…even though there were unresolved family matters I felt nothing to do with. We ate a large dinner with everyone at Josephina’s –

I then remounted the play with the help of Dawn again and Steve rewrote his scene and I performed it again in NYC and this time we filmed it and we sold out nearly and two wonderful theater producers and a NYC theater attended and we had a fancy gathering upstairs with drinks and some bites and my hair was now purple and I was so thrilled with the piece and especially how Jaeden’s piece came out…the original music by my friend NIKA and MOOG were amazing aditions.

Each time I presented the show it morphed. I returned to Miami and attended the very next day the Miami Web Fest where my assistant I hired was able to create a short of the OG Jewbana and I won my first on screen award… Audience Choice..

I got home and decided to do Jewbana one more time in Miami – and I produced the show myself and hired people and the show was amazing but in the end- I realized how much I DO NOT want to be a producer of my or anyone else’s work ever again. The electricity went half out, and the sound cues were all messed up. Prob due to special party gifts.

I went to Italy with the family over xmas and it was a dream come true…I am still amazed we went.


I spent Jan and Feb getting my branding up and clean. In March I started working with a Miami Dance company and taught them my SURF process…which totally helped them and then we used the same process to created a piece called The Thinker’s Thoughts and presented it at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and then I started working on the writing for Bunny Yeager and in April I went to NYC and spent four days developing the piece and performed it in the city to a VIP audience – filmed it – (holding it)- and I was recorded in my first ever DRAG piece and artist Bio video in NYC at THE CELL THEATRE.

I came back to Miami and in June we will be remounting THE THINKER’S THOUGHTS at the Locust Projects Gallery.

SO yeah





I plan to stay home ALL summer…
but for business $$$


and mostly ….
hangin with TIPPS


Bury your past-

How EGG-axtly does one bury their past. So many ways to be buried these days. In a coffin, In a mosleum, in a tarp in a forest, in ashes made in to jewlery to hang around the neck of your beloved… how does someone truly bury the past- especially if the vessle that held the past has not indeed past on yet. The vessle is still here but the person the role the character that has passed…well…where do we bury THEM?

I have found that to bury a post story you must act fully on several levels. The molecular and the metaphysical and everywhere in-between. I came to this blog to bury myself…place a tombstone on my website and shut it down. Remove it from the ethernet…the ether…the words of how I became ME- SUSIE – And then the SUSIE who is sitting here.

A scoldfoldng that was built on my inside like I learned the great DUOMO of Florense was suspected to…from the inside out and then..the architect burned the playbook and pnly sketches of a young child maybe are left…a young child named …devinchi or michelangelo..

SO i pronounce me the scafolding I built to maintain my marriage and my security in this upcoming to be movie about a middle aged women trying to accept her age and rewritting her original sotry to have the lead NOT a 20 somehting but f=rahter a fast becoming 50 something…

A women who spent time developing an art form in her home town that crosses reality theater and influencers of social media…a woman whoes inner theigsh are so fierce they can clasp the two universes beten themmbecasue of the structure…the ruless the beams that protect the house from hurricanes that casue her tall male fmaily members to DUCK and yet…they say…tight in the bees home…warm in her honey…

Why opposites attract for real…


Why opposites attract for real…

They neutralize each other in hopes of killing their own egos –

We can’t fully see ourselves from within. We need to be pulled out and in that pulling..that cracking out…we gain a wisdom of an entirely new opposite mode of living.

THe crack makes us realize there are options in how to behave in situations and who we can become all based on the simple choice of how we ACT-

Our programing was downloaded by our lineage and our environment and our TIME. But as they all can we.

We can just delete a program and upload a new one.
Both take time
both require care

it is possible
and joy filled

seeing the world anew

you won’t be YOU…
you will be YOU 2.0
and guess what…
everyone will say.

WOW… you changed and you

The new you won’t know what they are talking about

unless you made a video diary to remind yourself.

bc the new version exists on the SOLE given that the old solution is obsolete and therefor.
Null and Void.

Any attention to that version mean you are NOT truly your NEW self fully and there are indeed BUGS to work out.

no one’s EGO wants to truly change
bc they know that their EGO self will have to be put to sleep forever- or so they fear,
and a new EGO self shell will emerge.. and grow until SHE too will need to be sentenced.
BUt the ego is constant…she is here to inspire and protect and create…
she thrives on freshness and is most usefull with newness

so how do we know…


WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN… is prob a day late and a dollar short but still

you get what I mean.



Un hook kindly

grace is the skill you train your life to have.
to touch a hook on a floundering fish and without causing more pain
softly disengage your venom.
the fish flounders as you pull the hook and then…it flounders once more just for old time sake
and then it lay resting…tired and free –

unaware you ever had the hook in them

but you are graceful
you know
a floundering fish in your vicinity
is more times than not
hooked to you for some karmic reason and the game.
the 50 year game
is to find the hook that stops the floundering.
and free them
and yourself
in order to reintroduce yourselves anew


Women will take flowers to capital hill and then he will walk away

I had a vision that women would walk up the yawn and offer flowers at the feet of TRUMP. I then a few years later I heard that vision in the conversation between a woman and a woman. Speaking of a moment in time as clear as crystal. Flowers of facts laid at his feet as our country leads the world in DUE PROCESSING.
Goodbye and thank you


SURF- The Movement

SURF is a process that allows people to remember who they REALLY are. It is movement and music based with an improv and therapy conversation. It is a practice both learning how to remember and also how to forget.

It is the missing key. In the fitness world as it brings the EMPATHY muscle into play. In the training of the artist as it bring the individual front and center, a in the theater world as a de·noue·ment… resetting of the actors each night.

SURF is a fun approach to healing and it is simple and kind and it works….

An improvisational dance game that builds the Artist and healers emotional wealth.


neW Moons never cease to amaze me

try as I might I am not able to suffice
an empty need that requires but doesn’t want filling.

I am a role
A role has a job
a job has a purpose

Forget the job
your purpose
and you have no role

you are not you

and so you fall

like when Dad went
through the floor


nothing inspires
and no one
and this is not FLOW
is this
is falling flowing just unaware and in warped speed.
Can you flow fast
can it be misunderstood

a freedom sense that is so freeing and fast you take it as a fall but indeed you are

you are

you are


from another responsibility


Kitchen Marriage SURFing Process

I slay my own dragons now

How we exit a story, I have said a million different times, is how we enter the next one. The art of the exit is equal to the base layer of your next canvas. Draw blood and you will need effort to cover it. Draw pain and you will need patience to hold the brush, draw anything and you will use that to draw and so…. DRAW grace and you will need but love to secure your frame.

I am about to turn 48. I can look at every one of my dominant relationships and say…in my way and from my perspective I exited the relationship at some point in GRACE….even if the very next day we have lunch…i can karmically remove my hooks from you and in that allow you leverage to shake free from me…from my holdings …from my ripple…

IF someone walks in and does my ACT for me…. SLAPS you or something…
I have lost my own power
I have been victimized twice
I have not owned my own self and I have not built my own exit but YOU have
You have built a bridge and that bridge….is what I lay me feet on
and it is sticky and it is yours and it is again


SO I return
I ask for a larger audience
I seek another attempt at a graceful exit from myself as she is
less effort
Less effort

But where does all my pain go?

Your pain is a spark to a fire that can be swallowed carefully…like a fire eater and as you do this.. in grace…in full awareness that YOU are eating you OWN ending you sacrifice your Pain…you sacrifice your INJUSCTICE…. you feel it sizzle and burn and get raw you feel your exposer your vulnerability and it…

IT FEELS everything… newly

and you hear the wind in you throat and a new space is opened a cave that was shut down from a prior avalanche of insult of injury is softly simmered open and when your lips part again…the words you speak are not of yours but of the revealed self you have just met within…

she whispers and you strain to listen
and then you only hear her
and then you remember
I am that I am and you are that your are

what good is eating my own fingers.


Know and Accept Yourself- Make a personal Website

here is something FUN to do…Go to WIX and make a free PERSONAL website
What are your menue bars and what fits below them? What is the order of the things that FIT below them and WHAT at the MOMENT has Center BOOKING…

NOw step back and take a gander… WHO ARE YOU?
How do YOU see yourself and does that corelate with the way the WORLD is currently seeing you?
If not

you got work to do missy. Change that water filter and unclog the sink because if the world doesn;t reflect you back the way you see yourself…there is awareness discord…

NOT merely internally as that is a given always just varies in degrees but the issue here is the the interpretation of WHO and HWat you are here and trying to share…

DROP it down..
like a teacher has to in a class..
Disect the amterial
and make small digestible lesson plans that have a PROCESS
and an order to their drip campaign.
know what is a MUST and know what is NOT now and KNOW fully when it all FITS at your table becase you dare to go OBTUSE in you ACTION AND THOUGHTS.

LARGE and not small and yet you have a folcrim. a home a heart that has reach…extends out..

Who does ONE THING all the time…not you

who does one thing forever? A madman…
who owns their madness in bite size pieces and places them together in a wonderful way that allows itself HERSELF to be seen..

My bibbitec is still present in a random post marked 2022 and is listed as a thing happening today.

What if I allowed that….allowed that tot happen?

Run all cylinders simultaneously from the internal board/ could I hold it…
have a grown my resilience internally and externally and are my bridges HOME infrastructured?
IF NOT NOW…my kind souls…
THe we will have to wait for the NEXT portal…..



Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

I have come to a clear understanding of WHY talking about certain subject make me angry. It is because I have absolutely NO interest in the subject.

I am a pleaser and can see through action in my past – my desire to please and help others. I sorted that out. Ran it out and let it go.

But, now I am finding that I am JUST as overwhelmed. Just as angry and frustrated and just as uninspired as I was toward the end of that ROLE of Pleasing and I JUST figured it out.

I am listening and discussing subject that I have no interest in. I pretend to be nice, to have something to connect with people about but in the end…truly… I am trying nOT to fall asleep of claw my eyes out.

I used to want to be involved and considered and then I was and now I am like- STOP ASKING ME…what do I know and more importantly CARE about what you are tleling me. I have no damns to give and this is why we argue….because I am pretending to care more than I do and I am numb from my own Bullshit!!!!

SO to that… I simply say…. I QUIT
the role of the concerned person is OVER….
BC frankly my dear