NYC Here SHE comes

After a LONG slumber Ms. JEWBANA is heading to NYC to host her very own KOL NIDRE service as the stars seem to wish it. As the opening act of the UNITED SOLO festival in NYC this Fall, Jewbana is running her post covid aka updated solo show. CLick link for info and tickets

How is this version different? About the same way YOU are different from who you were pre pandemic. Jewbana has truly found her VOICE…not the SUSIE wanting to be better but I believe ( we believe) an actual solidification of a less angry less hurt version –

Still FUNNY? we shall see …

What is humor without bite? I always wondered and in this version of Jewbana- I can’t find a bite in ME to source from. This will test of my SURF method…SURF Story Understand Recast and Flow…. Can you create ART if you aren’t a triggered ARTIST?

Does a KINF heart have a home on the stages of NYC?

We all know the answer…A HUGE HOME…
The power of entering up stage left and thinking you’ll end with anything of value…is a risk…a soft move begets softness.

My value is in the hearts of the audience… a major opportunity.

An opportunity in sharing my process to that you too can consider what unhooking your triggers would feel like…

Love is not demanding and it is patient and spans life times and IT IS a beautiful Source to Source from creativly.