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I am starting to think that nipples are very distracting to people. I used to never wear a bra when I was in high school and never considered the distraction I was..they were..

I am now again with little bookies and I am finding that the nipple may be just as powerful as the boob itself…powerful..meanings the ability to avert a persons eyes form my face and mouth and when I am talking.

Maybe I should give up the wife beaters…maybe I should tone it down…maybe I should stop sexualizing my thoughts about what other people think of me..

Maybe the hypersexuality of the world I was and am living in has a great deal to do with the thoughts I put into peoples minds.

I am remembering a class in New World.

It was about auditioning and the look for the audition was FFL.
The teacher then explained to us HIGHSCHOOL students that FFL meant…Freshly Fucked Look-
He told me to mess up my hair and I was good to go.

Ha- the sexuality of creativity is within all of me
—-best accept it and flow with it as it didn’t go away from remeoving my fake boobs.
It just become about the nipples now or again.