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Hello ….receiving..

I told her I have a hard time taking money but I am fine giving things away…she said..you need to learn to receive more…and I said..but does it have to be in money??/ and in that the next day unfolded in the most flowerific way

So today was one of thos days- it was an amazing day and perhaps a sign of my future…I am going to bullet point all the ama zines that happened for me form all the seeds i have planted

I took a yoga class and on my way there received an email from Edinbough about my interest in renting a theater space – they are interested and have a few venues i can choose from!
I went to a business council meeting and one BOTH raffle gifts but I could only take one. a canvas cream bag with leather straps
I saw
jessica Stacy Jacque and Sofi
all in one day
I took yoga then sweat 440

My application for SURFACTING was applied for
the grant for Miami Light Project sent an email that it was received and being reviewed

Then Maria came over and did my nails and gave me a vitamin facial and gifted it to me..

I went to buy lotto tickets bc i am in the receiving mood!

I paid for my rental space last night…maybe that started it

I introduced my class at the business meeting and people GOT IT…and understood the need for it.

I am in time and in line with the universe and I am happy yo stay here.

great day…

Not fasting for Yom Kippor bc I know it is more symbolic and I am doing my own cleansing. in my own way..

mentioned to my students about the class
would like to get them as interns if they want to make that happen
i’d appreciate it.

I am love and this is my slogan
learn how to get out of character and create from love.