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I used to think that I wanted to feel HIGH…HIGHS from all the amazing things that would happen and then in payment I woudl deal with the lows.

Now I say…I woudl rather need neutral…neither high now low and through the passing of moments in gages in the her and now.

Extremes limit the here and now…avoid them…on either side of the spectrum

Too thrilled too devastated causes time to stand still and for you to exit the existing story and veer off into la la land..

Yes you.

YOu are not as cool and cucumber as you think and I know this becasue I feel you…lierally… you are a roller coaster and perhaps you claim I drive you to it but ill say you —-you drive me to driving you and i’m on to you…I’ve seen the game- told you I see it and I am taking my Cotten candy and walking off..

Not becasue I don’t enjoy it but becasue this up and down is giving me a headache after all this time…lets ride another ride….together.

If you get excited over somethign and then equally devastated over it …it is over you…owns you…what happens when either way…it is fine…?