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Hello…..PMS and Flip phone

We have become freinds. I get her. She comes over once a month…overturns all my neat little tables and calls bullshit as soon as she sees it. This week she focused on my youngest son.

He is me and I get it. Curious and kind and willing to test the boundaries. I went two weeks dealing with his behavior issue and giving him warnings and then when the Shit hit the fan he did what I woudl do and started to cry and act small.

Thing is I know this move and I am ove it..it makes you little for real in the end and less responsible so for his own sake I called BS on his excuse and naked his toosh to the wall

Bye bye smart phone Hello Flip phone.

Can’t be anything worse EGO wise then to pull out a Flip Phone on the playground!

But we did it bc the kid or anyone for that matter doesn’t;t need to deal with group chats that are out of line – it wasn’t;t social media..it was his “freinds”

I am happy he is at a new school but with these phones you are not ever able to restart so I did it for him..I still want his number changed but we’ll take that slowly.

Here is what I look like when PMS comes to visit.