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A lil about DEVON and her issues…

Devon is the part of me that can’t stand any other woman coming near my husband…even if it is his mother..I hate it..i hate how he acts like a child near her..like her KID and I am his wife..so the role of CHILD wins and it is disgusting to DEVON…not cute…annoying and it bothers DEVON.that SHE has that affect on people…DEVON finds it imasculating snd doesn’t enjoy her desire to take control over Susie’s Life and then in the Kitchen no LESS>..in SUSIE’s KITCHEN……She begins to plot out the plans and then warns about renting cars and UGHHHHHHH I want to throw knives…

How she exclaimed how she will take the kids around Scotland while
we are there I almost LOST it. I laughed and pointed to Steve that his MOm is thinking to TAKE the kids…it was so funny becasue she said it wasn’t what she was saying but had said she would use OUR house for home base and it was just AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that woman…ANy woman that tried to usurp MY position with my children and my husband…beware… it is not going to be pretty….

THat is what Devon feels and although I try to tame her I sometimes lose my balance and she gets in and makes her point known…to Steve..

This trip is NOT going to be your mother’s Trip..I don’t like her vibe when she feels she has to control – which is always- I am not playing second fiddle to her in my trip and in my house and in anywhere….

I am not having it and make sure she knows that…that there is no mistunadetanding about this..to anyone..I am not dealing with controlling issues when this is MY time to totally be the controlling one… I am creating this….
So let it be known….all thee ….and if you don’t like it and if i am NOT pleasing you enough. Then the next stop is three minutes away…get off the SUSIE train…the next stop is coming…patience pays..