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Letting go of…Target

This happened almost a decade ago. It is what started me on the desire to make a baby product that lasted. It also taught me that most of the time I spent shopping was really just me “clearing my mind” while I was a stay at home mom of two little boys. I ended up purchasing pretty little things to justify my time away… eventually I had to detox from that too.
I even went once to Target and filled up a cart with everything I “needed” and then left it. Walked out without buying anything….It felt amazing…

getting close to the fire and exiting with grace.

I realized that I just needed the IDEA of the things, the options, the alternatives…I didn’t actually NEED NEED them.

I also don’t really enjoy shopping there even now becasue while I was on the floor at a trade show in Vegas one of the BIG BOX stores walked over. A large round man and asked me to pitch them bibbitec. The more I told them about how long it lasted and how many things it did the more this man laughed. Like a huge belly laugh…very SANTA like.
It eventually gathered himself and told me straight to my face.
“Bibs are bait! That’s how we get the moms in…they can’t last longer then two weeks, three weeks at most.” And he walked away turned over his shoulder and said, “ build it to last less and you got a deal.” I was totally shocked and that night my sister received an order for our bibs from TARGET. The Purchase price was way below the price I quoted and thus the point of it was that it would force me to go over seas and make a less product. I remember being in the hotel bathroom looking at the mirror…crying hysterical…” why didn’t they like me?” “ I fixed the problem” and then it accured to me that they didn’t want the problem fixed and that is why they sent over an order for a ton of money but ONLY if I made it on the Cheap.
I was with my sister and she shook me and said remember you made this to fix the problem…so we can’t take this offer. Then she took me to Chipendales and I was pulled up on stage tied to a pole and in that erotica moment I woke up to the whole entire GAME we are all participating in.

Women are being played …. and we like it!

While I was filming Shark Tank I had a copy of that order with me to remind me not to FOLD not to make a crap product that forces moms to buy more…spend more…wonder why things aren’t made well? I refused to be part of that conversation…I respect woman and the men that support them and this idea that women purchase just proves that if we wanted to we could change the world…by not purchasing!



Wagging the Dog- REmarketting

Once bibbitec was alive and well and living on the internet it was time to remarket. Remarket meant that we would basically hound anyone who came to our site with adds until they believed they REALLY wanted to purchase the product.
This was nauseating to me on many levels. I was an actos in Miami and most of my work or attempts at work were though commercials. I tried to be a con souse actor at first and not advertise for walmart or target at they promoted China built products and I was on a Made in the USA kick then before I realized that also meant made in private prisons with basically slave labor
Anyway- as we remarket to each ohther we participate in a game of brainwashing. Even if you hate my add or my product I will become part of your story and in that I win, I gain space and you may. Forget one day your annoyance at me will fade and you may think ok ok Ill get it and there you go. THrough the same persistence of a child I convince you that you LIKE me-and you’ll click and but it.
Even if you decide you hate me and talk about me to other people you still bought me in a way. By talking about me in any way I win.

Remember that next time you discuss someone. You give them energy…regardless of what yo say or how you say it…they win.. they pull your tongue to form the shape of their name and your mind to speak create thoughts and your voice to peak of your fingers to print.

Be very very careful….. as in acting say is who you are and if you speak angrily of someone that is what you are…angry.

An actor woudl play YOU as the angry person. And the person you are angry about..Well they are the lead in YOUR play…



Yesterday I posted the latest simplified version of the bibbitec for sale on EtSY. Just me and a woman who cuts and sews and Etsy. I want to see if timing makes a difference in business. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=bibbitecETSY SHOP

I am going to take orders and then build them out I am also NOT going to use social media but rather the universe to push the idea. I want to see if the wind behind my back is a thing. I also heard right before I went to sleep that Shark Tank aired our episode again for the “millionth” time.

So now to sit to see is someone who has recently had a bay find the bib on ETSY!

Game ON!