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Hello …Highlands

I think I have been coming up to this mountain town as long as the Berks…almost. I think I Came up here is 2000 with Steve and his family so that would make this almost 18 years of memories.

We are in the same area we always are in but the house is new. Steve’s parents purchased a large home for thier growing family and it is a beautiful log cabin with more than enough space and rooms.

Trees all around us and lots and lots of quiet.

Yesterday I spent sitting on the porch talking with family about our totally different points of views on religions and politics and other differences and we are just rocking in rocking chairs..just respectfully disagreeing and I wonder how many other families can sit together amongst the trees and disagree.

To be honest I have decharged myself from my own points of view so although I have my beliefs that are not aggressive nor dominirring and I have no desire to force someone to change thier mind as I would not really enjoy someone forcing their beliefs down my throat.

So I have no issue discussing why people believe what they believe bc in the end there is a very very good reason they have those beliefs. Becasue they are theirs.

Finding your own beliefs is important…and should be respected…

I am not watching the news or engaged in social media right now.

My information comes from those I talk to or flashes of things I come across, books and Master Class and directly searched for podcasts.

I am directing my education in someways.
My days have become more calm and I believe that too much information you can’t do anything about at this moment can create anxiety for me—it is bc I am an empath and I can take things WAY to sensitively …which is great and not so great..

I think that is why I long to work out in the grass by myself…weightless in my own energy.