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I have found that there is somethign about the KITCHEN that is symbolic. It represents a hold on the heart of the house and once it is relinquished it is both liberating and identity challenging.

If the kitchen is where the food is created then being able to stand STILL in the KITCHEN without hives has become my lives practice. We have an island in the middle of our kitchen and so in a way I am circling the kitchen…stirring up the energy each morning and I open the kitchen to my kids and my husband. I am not territorial about my kitchen. I have relinquished control and in that I have understood that the kitchen REPRESENT in some families Power.

Th kitchen is in Many ways a place where the NURTURUNG head of the household resides and creates and organizes and in that space – whomever runs it – sort of represents how the power of the fmaily goes.

If the person who runs it is a control freak then the fmaily is most likely run as a dictatorship where even to eat one must appease and please the gate keeper…clean and cook and create and they see fit.

If the person who “runs” the kitchen is Willing to let others cooks and clean to their own specifications then the house may be more delegative…and the person who could be the controller is more or a hands off overseeing.

This second version is who I am bc of several truth about my natural abilities and forced abilities and coming to grip with the one I rather support- my Natural ones..how’d you guess…

So I tend to allow more chaos in my home then others but in that each person has become more responsible for themselves and their food and their space then they were before..and with instacart..the idea of running out of something and not having it is less of a issue becasue if it is a MUST HAVE…innstacart can deliver if needs be.

Technology has made domesticity much easier and with Sunbasket the boys get to learn to cook dinners- healthy simply recipes that give them life skills

This letting other people run the kitchen has been how I have found a seance of freedom in the house..from the house…I know i need a home a safe place to relax but in the end it is not can not be somethign that demands me to control it or run it…

I do not RUN a home.. I offer up space to people to create a home and they do the same for me…as long as we are not trying to micromanage or aspect other people to do our clean up and basic life skills then in a way we are all free to be and act from our nature..

Raising kids who know who they are is what I can offer the world…they happen to be amazing and kind and smart and cute…so they are very lucky but my gift. As a mom…is to offer them freedom to make their own choices and follow their own dreams and not feel indebted to anyone…for anything…

THey are helping me live my life as much as I am helping them live theirs and we owe each other nothing but respect… They teach me how to have more of that every day and for that I am greatfull.

xo S