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Are ill actors creating our ill country?

Narrative Psycology is about looking at something from the outside. SO lets take a look from this perspective at how the film and tv world and acting content created HWO we are and HWAT we Believe.

Remember 7 times- see something 7 times and your brain will be a considerperhaps they want what we are LOOKING at.

OUr eyes give us our visions….and if our eyes are on things our brain thinks we must want that..

Advertising works this way…facebook is built this way, algorhythems that my freinds create to Remarket do this for us all-

Get off social media and you’ go through a detox a lack of information a yearning to know more about something…but what…JUNK INFORMATION is harmful and that’s what we have been fed

PAinful content is also harmful- even more so- and that is what actors and Writor s create and in that our society is birthed. Chicken or egg?

If our Actos are tapping into their pain and our writers and producers are creating them we digest it..think on it.. think about what this creates as far as a society.

Built on pain… is PAIN…sorry—— being able to NOT be angry is what we want to work on as a society.. forgive and move on reset.