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Is memory …movement based

I was just listening to someone discuss smart phone dimetia-
It was how we can;t remember a phone number bc our smart phone has made us dumb-

I think memories and learning are movement based so as we become less movement based we become more vessels and less content based.

We don;t need to hold or can’t becasue we never actually found the thing we were looking for
We click it and it came and with the least amount of energy…we “gathered knowledge” but did we actually learn

Learning is process oriented and you can;t create a process in a tw demintial world. The glass phones have the Lesa St amount of texture and it creates the least mount of resistance and in that we glide and slide past ideas and thoughts

If we are not phycailly DIALING anymore then yes…we can’t remember the number as well…try opening up your keyboard and dialing out a number a few times…don’t call it just keep dialing it and on the tenth time you do the number I bet your will see the physical pattern and the number will be locked in your head

This is how actos memeorize. They create the physical world for their lines and then the words have homes and it become clear what is said when you are doing what..it all goes together.

Which brings me back to the Ktichen…movements can create memory recalls
Likw when you do a repetite movement if there is an emotional memory attached to it —things come up.
Travel alleviates the routine scene we play out over and over and maybe moving will also do the same..it is hard to remember your LINES when the set changes…habits display and thoughts can be altered…as long as the set isn;t constantly reminding you of your PAST LINES and thus your past pains and past circumstances…
I move my furniture often for exactly this reason…