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FOr as long as I have had the opportunity to write a bio in a PLAYBILL I have always added a line that said I am working on my One woman show.

THis elusive one woman show has morphed in to several other production in those 20 some years and I have indeed worked and created SOMETHIGN but not ever the ONE WOMAN show I said I was working on.

So after watching a play – a one woman show- with a freind we began to talk about my show again and the idea of the many version of susie returned and in that so did the spark of the show. It has always been a light in the distance but I am now the distant light- I have arrived in space- with a group of women who can help me create this performance and a passion and a time in the world that the idea of dissolving stories is still not being fully mentioned…

I am fully aware of my authentic self and the layers of stories that kept me from HER and I am ready to share this beutiful journey to SELF….



I received the email for the rehearsal of a film that a freind asked me to do. I began to become both excited and then angry. This part of me that doesn’t want to pretend anymore started screaming and I began to act out. I got annoyed with Steve with my mom with the whole world instantly and even ruined a nice dinner by being sad. It wasn’t until I was coming home from he day in the city with my mom that I then got an email that my freind was baking out of the film.

I immediately began to consider ding the same and as soon as I sent the email saying thank you but no thank you a rush of NOT HAVING TO a relief washed over me.

I don’t think I am able to really understand how much I do not want to do something until the idea of NOT doing it comes into play. It was the same with Steve and I. I mentioned this before.

THis part of recasting is a series of instant helloboodbyes. They are about about trying and eyeing how things fit and then not making too much of a commitment and then letting go at the first opportunity. It I then feel like retuning to it…well then…it is from a place of peace and not HAVE TO but rather “Would like to” and not SHould cause I can but may because it woudl be NICE.

Moving from a place of peace is amazing and the toxity of doing something I don’t want to do feel like plugging my finger in a socket and yet…I am seeing I tend to stay there a minute or two just to see if I COULD and WOULD becasue I haven’t fully transitioned into OIGN this book which in a sense is ALL about me and not anyone else…which is the practice I am trying to do. Understanding my OWN self…more.