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I found myself taking a turn based on an email that is one a thread.

I happened to be on a list that happened to send out an email about a grant for a 20 minute piece and I thought. YES-

Then I thought but I’ve done that before and it it didn’t work out so I thought …I’ll learn to write a grant and I googled how to and up came Thumbtack and then the thought was..I can’t write a grant but they can and I need help explaining.

So I posted the job- a three day turn around- I got a few quotes back, I called one- I liked her- she was hired-

She wrote the grant and in three days time I applied PROPERLY to a grant.

The idea of knowing what I am not capable of is a beautiful thing because it also makes be honor what i am capable of.

I am going to build out my SHOW this year- get it funded through Kick Starter- take the one woman show to Edinburgh and then get it produced into a series at some point.

I am able to see the map bc an ex sent me a link to a show that did exactly that. I don;t need to revive net the wheel just copy it on my side of the pond.

I am so ready to break free- cut my strings and fly and this idea of building my work, being my own agent and manager is giving me the tanaacity in my art form I was deeply lacking. I am not anyone’s Pawn.

I am my own tool that I can manage and use to move myself to my desire…create work and tell the stories I want to tell…

The auditions and the other gigs are not the focus but more an exercise in being both the artist and the business side…jut keep moving…as long as I keep my own SHOW on the Front Burner I am able to engage with other artist I hope..

And now having this woman Writor – I believe it is time to write my book and have her look at my work and get it organized to publish. Why Not.