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i am sitting in my front yard- it is 5:07 am. I am up. I have been up since 3:01- I went to bed a little too early or my mind is racing or perhaps I am in recasting…I am in understanding..I am in them both…..

The story is that we are all about to get a virus…hopefully we all get through it…we are all about to change…molecularly or emotionally or spiritually.

your life choices and out outlooks are being challenged and if you had any doubts…about any of it…they will come out .

I have none.

For the past five years or maybe 11. somewhere in there…I have made choices about my life that are based on having one universal engine running my ship…

that engine is love and kindness and it took a ton of work for me as an actor trained to hold on to stories to be able to use them…to actually let them go.

I let them go and let them go and eventually i ended up here…in the exact pain that you are in but the only difference is that mine is not tapping into past trauma…not much at least…because my past trauma has been healed based on my belief that you can be light and worthy.

I urge you to ask for forgiveness from anyone you think that HURT you…so that you can be set free and set them free from that pain body that has the ability to magnetize other pain towards it.

Maintain happiness and joy and kindness as much as possible…ward off the dark and hardships…don’t read the news or listen to it..don’t even get on social media long because it is like smoke..it will seep into you and your effort to maintain a open heart and a healthy outlook will be less and less.

Focus on your essentials…on your moment to moment desires wants and joy seek…JOY SEEK J O Y SEEK.

Remember the song the dance…