stop Talking…..

Be aware that nothing is returning to you so it is letting you go.
It is a phase of becoming. A phase of acceptance and patience and knowing there is NO time there is NO race and know that you will be called and when you are called it will feel good and kind and right and peace and gently and soft.

Divinely inspired.

Breaking Ups

Im on my bed- Im young- I’m crying- deep rooted ugly cry- I am in my room- alone
Talking to dolls and wallpaper and I am staring at a straw doll that is hangin from my ceiling over my bed. I am looking at her. Crying and my barbie house is empty with all the heads off and their hair cut off and the room is filled with the sounds of my BEEGEE record player Van Hallen’s “I’m just a gigaolo and everywhere I go…
David Lee Roth…

I hear her tell me…DANCE… I get up and I act it out…I have a mirror somewhere – it isn’t full enough….I perform for the world and I have a cane somehow and I love this…I am free.

I miss my DOll. I wish I knew how I got her and where she went. I loved her company….my friend.
love susie