Bury your past-

How EGG-axtly does one bury their past. So many ways to be buried these days. In a coffin, In a mosleum, in a tarp in a forest, in ashes made in to jewlery to hang around the neck of your beloved… how does someone truly bury the past- especially if the vessle that held the past has not indeed past on yet. The vessle is still here but the person the role the character that has passed…well…where do we bury THEM?

I have found that to bury a post story you must act fully on several levels. The molecular and the metaphysical and everywhere in-between. I came to this blog to bury myself…place a tombstone on my website and shut it down. Remove it from the ethernet…the ether…the words of how I became ME- SUSIE – And then the SUSIE who is sitting here.

A scoldfoldng that was built on my inside like I learned the great DUOMO of Florense was suspected to…from the inside out and then..the architect burned the playbook and pnly sketches of a young child maybe are left…a young child named …devinchi or michelangelo..

SO i pronounce me the scafolding I built to maintain my marriage and my security in this upcoming to be movie about a middle aged women trying to accept her age and rewritting her original sotry to have the lead NOT a 20 somehting but f=rahter a fast becoming 50 something…

A women who spent time developing an art form in her home town that crosses reality theater and influencers of social media…a woman whoes inner theigsh are so fierce they can clasp the two universes beten themmbecasue of the structure…the ruless the beams that protect the house from hurricanes that casue her tall male fmaily members to DUCK and yet…they say…tight in the bees home…warm in her honey…