I Am- Again- So I Push Pause


But first I want to recap my last year in the life of a performance artist. It began with me flying out my co-creator of Jewbana to the Berkshires. We spent a week re-writing the play we wrote in 2019 and what I took to Edinburgh and then to Miami Design District and then to South Beach’s Soho house.

We spent a time resting it and then we were hosted in NYC by my Bestie Daria and we read the script…had people read it. Then I was part of the United Solo Festival in Late September and we were able to celebrate with my entire family attending and my sister and mom join us…even though there were unresolved family matters I felt nothing to do with. We ate a large dinner with everyone at Josephina’s –

I then remounted the play with the help of Dawn again and Steve rewrote his scene and I performed it again in NYC and this time we filmed it and we sold out nearly and two wonderful theater producers and a NYC theater attended and we had a fancy gathering upstairs with drinks and some bites and my hair was now purple and I was so thrilled with the piece and especially how Jaeden’s piece came out…the original music by my friend NIKA and MOOG were amazing aditions.

Each time I presented the show it morphed. I returned to Miami and attended the very next day the Miami Web Fest where my assistant I hired was able to create a short of the OG Jewbana and I won my first on screen award… Audience Choice..

I got home and decided to do Jewbana one more time in Miami – and I produced the show myself and hired people and the show was amazing but in the end- I realized how much I DO NOT want to be a producer of my or anyone else’s work ever again. The electricity went half out, and the sound cues were all messed up. Prob due to special party gifts.

I went to Italy with the family over xmas and it was a dream come true…I am still amazed we went.


I spent Jan and Feb getting my branding up and clean. In March I started working with a Miami Dance company and taught them my SURF process…which totally helped them and then we used the same process to created a piece called The Thinker’s Thoughts and presented it at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and then I started working on the writing for Bunny Yeager and in April I went to NYC and spent four days developing the piece and performed it in the city to a VIP audience – filmed it – (holding it)- and I was recorded in my first ever DRAG piece and artist Bio video in NYC at THE CELL THEATRE.

I came back to Miami and in June we will be remounting THE THINKER’S THOUGHTS at the Locust Projects Gallery.

SO yeah





I plan to stay home ALL summer…
but for business $$$


and mostly ….
hangin with TIPPS