1/3 into the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 2019

My family is still here…Nedra is gone…we are joining together and working well. I am TIRED…I am feeling it…and it is not even close to being through. Steve is saying WHY did I decide to do three weeks…I am thinking because when in Rome…and now I am thinking…I am going to be super fit by the end of this run..

I am not eating the best these past two days…lost my cutting edge discipline in the tiredness..

Did take a run through the area today and it was lovely…a church, a battle field, a stream and cemetery all behind the house we are renting…

We rented a home in Tranent…it is 25 minutes from Edinburgh…I am happy we have is very relaxed and comfy and I am going to learn to drive this week…on the other side of the road..

Mason and Jaedon have really gotten into the flying and have been more than helpful…they have a chant their AUNT Nedra taught them and they are working it..we tried to go earlier the past two days…to see how much difference it makes but I guess there is never a clear answer.

I am hoping for a review…I have been told that my piece is an the path of performance art..and I am realizing that maybe that is what I have… a PERFORMANCE ART PIECE..

I didn’t think of it that way but the people here think that…

It is landing ok tonight..SUSIE’s list of demands was a hot wet mess today..each day. am sweater and sweatier…and today it was dissolving as I read it off.

I need to fix that…somehow/

I am feeling…challenged…we had nice audience …I saw Jaedon in the sound booth…lost my footing..still have issue with him being my kryptonite.

I was told that the play is similar to a BURNS poem about seeing yourself the way other’s see you…sounds smart and wise..I feel like I am connected to the

I am working on how to just get through the show…I am a sweaty mess… I need to take time to dry off..on stage…or else I will really be a wolfman.

I am feeling great…I am proud of myself…I know the show was not as sweet as it was yesterday…but it is all becoming…day by day..

I am building it..

I am HERE and I am working this town…as best as I can…at the moment… tomorrow we go for a hike…on the hill outside of Edinburgh