breaking through it

Last night I worked with the AMAZING Carey Brianna Hart on the sound for Jewbana. I watched, she designed, and I was just honored that she was willing to put her talent on this project.

Today another blessing…the brilliant Venessa Elise came over and helped me with a monologue I so desired her POV on. HOLY MOLY MIami has TALENTED women ….

I think there is a depth to our piece that I was hoping for through the comedy…which I will work on more this week and then MONDAY I will have another workshop with these two women and then …grab my balls and do the show for an audience on the 25th…ahhhh

I also had a skype session with Francis Allen who is helping me with my accent for another character.

and I took a circus class and I am getting there…little by little…

I am excited about the show and about opening it and about becoming the person I hope to be…a woman who can own her own even while having a family and being in love and it was a full moon and something else last night and

I am meeting myself
walking down a dirt road…and the dust is kicking up and the woman coming towards me…she is wise and wonderful and peaceful and happy and content…with her path and happy to say goodbye to me… and thank you…thank you for all you did to get us HERE.

We have Made HUGE decisions abut our future this past week…HUGE and amazing and life changing and the kids will be going through a few changes but…Steve and I …we will be together in it and changing and life..

life is exactly what you ask it to be…so ask without irony and without negation because the universe doesn’t know sarcasm…it read as desire..

like everything else we speak about …

your Tongue is your arrow…aim well…

Meet you at the horizon…

#whoissusie #jewbana