Devon paid a little visit….during the show

I was performing my monologue when another actor opened the door and requested that the “audience” leave and see another room.

I was shocked but took it in stride. This was the play and we were doing this impromptu entrance….but the asking for them to leave was bothering..

I let it go and set MY DEVON a little text message….
relax D
…it was a one time thing…

until it wasn’t

Next time I performed the monologue the actor opened the door and just shouted “hey folks…come on and some other rooms…”

Devon was now pushing her head out of her room so to say and I was not surprised…

I mentioned to the actor that I don’t mind him jumping in but maybe stop asking them to leave my room. He informed me that it was the diretor’s request of the stage manager…The same stage manager that had requested I speed up my piece to stay on time/ tight to the rest of the group…which I did but when I informed the director I “took her note” she was like…”who said speed up???I didn’t”

SO when that same stage manager that said the directed requested me to speed up was actually not telling me the truth and was now sending in people to cut my piece short…well. I just couldn’t

In rehearsals…I was originally informed that my piece was too long for the concept but the director decided to keep it that way…intentionally
So I mentioned to the next in rank about the situation and she was like WHAT…nope we never said that..

I am such a truth seeker and so lies just …annoy me

SO in the talk back we ironed it out and the SM was kindly schooled and told to stop cutting my shit short…and Devon stopped sharpening her knives..but between the monologues during the show…I was managing my Devon…..managing my ego…trying NOT to get angry or too mad….because I knew it would affect my work…and thankful I had awareness that these are sepeate

So I just was so thankful that the crew was able to resolve this issue without much DRAMA and that I was able to be the MOST graceful EGO DIVA I have ever been…

In the past I would have used that anger towards my work…secretly happy for the added motivation but I am over that..over trying to perpetuate my pain..

and that is why I love the type of creative being I have become because although I create drama as a career.. I don’t perpetuate it in my own life anymore…