Ghost writer-for the book I may one day publish

got a quote and an outline and now I’ll sit and wonder if what I have understood about creating kind art is actually something I want to do-

I think that I may just want to create. you tube station about the concepts and the book since I can do that better- give it to someone to edit and create a you tube tutorial on how to find our what your are upset abut and who is bothering you and why.

I would do it very clearly and then edit it as a HOW TO and then perhaps that would be my play..

I bleed things together a great deal but the idea that I myself can’t write a full manual maybe I can do a you tube station and then transcribe it from there if need be

the house is quiet and NO ONE is coming over…except the UPS deliver man who just dropped off a box while my egg timer for my hard boil eggs went off. the ALARM signs are coming back.

I think this is the LIGHT I need for my videos and if it is I am going to follow this internal instinct and begin to film my concepts instead of writing them.

I have taken a break from filming ever since I did my explant as a way to be seeded and take hold of what I am actually trying to say and now that I have created an amazing piece role based on love and kindness….I can finally begin to say I have indeed PROVEN my IDEA works.

You can be a lover and a creator and that is the way to create your new world…

I am about to unbox this and if it is really the light I am going to follow this concept of online videos.

I can use the outline I paid for and then make this themes.