Goodbye….Devon..AKA Pain Body…

I was listening to Eckhart Tolle and his talk about shining a light on the pain body is what my entire process of my work has been.

I take a flood light and point it at the pain and that way we can expose it to light.

Through my class we do this and thus your motivation..what you currently think is your currency is NOT your currency at all

It is just false motivation —like a spark run out a high you keep trying to replicate…

Pain is there to be transmuted not to be motivational and until this world understands that…

I shall create my own…my own loving world where I am exposing my pain as soon as I see HER…Miss Devon and dancing through her and setting her up to have her three minutes in the sun…and then I will resolve and move on because anything else is- like harboring anger is cruel and evil and WEAK….WEAK people can’t forgive because they aren’t sure they can hold onto themselves after they do.

But the truth is…it isn’t about holding on at all…it is about letting

The WEAK are will lose YOUESELF…if you dare to let go and that may be one of the main reasons people HOLD ON..