Devon and Charlie sitting in a tree

First Comes Love
Then COmes Marriage
Then comes a baby in the a baby carriage
Sucking her thumber
Wetting her pants
Wantching her Parents do the hula Dance

Steve and I still fight.
Hard and fast and then its over
Like dogs protecting their territory
And then we shake it off and we are done

But we still fight
Bc we are both a bit of a jerk- a lot a jerk
And we can turn each other on like no one else and
Sometimes…that end up in SEX and sometimes that end up in a fight
And honesty I can’t say which one is more healing…

I wonder if other couples have knock out and dragim arguements
If a Cubam’s Fire and A Jewish REsisliance is something interesting or normal

It is scary sometimes…loud and fierce and I talk to the kids about it…bc they fight the same way…Devon and Charlie are our the inner children of Susie and Steve..They are solito…and they come out every once and a while -and sometimes they fight on the playground for the swing or the slide…they get mad when the other one doesn’t want to play and the crazy thing is that

We have taught our ACTUAL kids HOW to fight.. and How to mediate those in a fight and when Devon and CHarlie have both taken hold of us…our beautiful kids Jaedon and Mason step up and wake us up…remind us of this time and place and how we aren’t 5 years old anymore..

I thought OnCe I healed I’d be ok but i am not healed…I am coping with my beautiful life and nothing about me in Calm or serene for any length of time

I thrive of Structural is rarely real and more of a shock then a flame and it gets me going

I have always been this way…ask any of my ex freinds or boy freinds…

I am aware of my younger self..I get her…I can’t get rid of her…she has my purpose in her pocket as far as my art goes..and she is taking me to Edinburgh and asking Charlie to come play too…they have lots and lots of GOlf…Funny how the cornerstone of Cutting edge theater is also the original home( i think ) of GOlf…

Golf used to be something Devon has always been bothered by but this brings Charlie closer to her in a way that makes him truly happy.

AUGUST IN ScOTLAND…Charlie and Devon