Hello…..Childhood home

Last night while searching on Zillow for homes in my area I woudl one day like to live in…I randomly saw a link to my old house.

THis house is no where near me and had only been on the market 17 hours or days or something but there it was. Up for sale. Another fmaily will get to move in and make memories.

My sister happened to come over after that to drop off my boys and we looked through the house and reminisced about our upbringing. It was fun to see the frame of our childhood on a screen in our current home and laugh at what changed and what didn’t and the wood panels they left on the wall.

It was nice to recognize the layers that life adds to our stories while we are away making more and it then remainder me and my husband that it is time to move…the home we are in is truly lovely…just like that house but it is not enough anymore and that is honest.

FOrcing yourself to stay when you know you need to go may be the cruelest thing you can do your yourself Nd those around you. Knowing it is time to go and allowing it still to be sad is truthful.

GOodbye always suck but it doesn’t; mean they aren’t for the best..becasue a goodbye means a hello is coming…