Kahn academy ROCKS!

I just told a pre-med class on the energy of the heart and how the defibrillators we have work to keep our heart beat in check.

I learned that there is a process called DEPOLORIZATION and it allows for automaticity and that is what TCS is about. It is about creative a positive Shane form the SA Node of the heart. We are the beginning of the conversation about looking at thing through the eyes of forgiveness and love…and then creating form there…just a small idea that if done well will have a massive ORGANIC reaction..

This is not an internet thing…alone…is is a muscular cellular thing that can take flight wherever and however but the first pulse…the origin of thought is with the SA NODE and positioning it- using the transmission of energy within a creative soul that repeat their maternal lineage….

With all do expect…none of use would be here without HER…and with all do respect…we have allowed ourselves to be used as the front line the slaves that would chew us off her arm but then what….where do you go and who do you speak for now..when she goes…we go.

Your mother…as whatever she was in her limited or amazing ways was your passage to this world and by trying to write her out of your story in anyway we write ourselves in to another one.

Choose wisely…everyone has fault lines…but perhaps the ones that come from you are easiest to navigate and you my dear are her….on a cellular level…