Hello Edinburgh

I will be performing a one woman show in Edinburgh in August 2019. I will be telling my story as best I can in hope that can celebrate my lineage, my life and my destiny.

I submitted my registration and my insurance and I am all set,

Except for the fact that most of my registration was in need of adjusting but I think many of the theater folk need that. I am not special when it comes to this lack of detail in the admin department. But just because I get it wrong doesn’t mean I don’t get it.

I am going to reset this bump into bubbles…into little bubbles that I will no doubt become aware of more and more as I do more and more of this work.

Eventually I will have an image and a name and a description that isn’t changing and I will be all set but till them…I am looking for it.

I am totally starting before I am ready…I am jumping before the shoot if fully opened but isn’t that how most sky divers do it…they know…they trust…it will will happen…and if not..

well….the sky diver may die and I …Ill just love myself even more..

But nothing is going to stop this freight train…it was set in motion decades ago and somehow I am peacefully ready to make it happy.