hello….kind person

I have spent the last two days with very kind people…people I am honored to know and cherish because I believe I can finally understand what being sweet means…what is feels like to be around sweet people and be seen as sweetness.

If you are surrounded by people who are working on a different energy source or desire then you will always wonder why you aren’t heard or always mistreated..

Perhaps you need time to see yourself more clearly and then from there decide who it is you want to reflect back to you…because a clear reflection is a kind world and a beautiful and loving world..

Stay in that energy and plant your seeds water them and sing to them and see what grows…every garden will offer you something…be sure you have planted truly what you want and the you have taken the time to tend to it..

Harvesting you joys is where I am at…receiving all the work of resting my circle and being around a vibration I can receive and that I can be heard in …It is subtle and no one may even know all the adjusting I have done but to me I have
turned inside out and zippered myself in and examined my stitches and now I have unzipped and turned myself back out into the world with my holes fixed and my zipper working and my awareness of what I am and what I am not…at my core has allowed me to be kinder to myself and to others.

Know thyself…and love her regardless…..for she is all of you and you are beyond a miracle of joy and have the ability to tend to a soul at any moment if you like.