Hello…..old scene

When you try and do somethign NEW what I find tends to happen is all these OLD stories and scenes begin to percolate to the top.

Maybe it is that opportunity to let them go that we miss and instead attach ourselves to- when you are in it… is hard…

Yet once you KNOW what the other person is going to say that means you have been here bolero and the GAME is…can you choose another tactic.

My mom always goes for a laugh, steve uses sweetness, I just go quiet…I lack the ability to turn out of a tale spin and prefer trying to avoid them all together

But since the kids started school this have been 100 miles an hour…not with activities but out of pure changeness…we are adjusting to the ruitine and it is happening..

But the house.. the time is ticking and it needs to be let go of by once I try I grab back on


I am concerned what will become of the boys and steve if we move out…and I am equally sure it will end well but the fear that the outcome is on me…is on me to do this ,,,that is where I am short circuiting…

But they have come to the table- see opportunities themselves…who knows- maybe this is just who steve and I are at the core…fire types that argue often and loudly and love just as strongly…

And if they move and if we like it..ill say yeah for us all…but quietly…I was right