After watching over some of my videos I am compiling for a show I am going to be doing…AT lAST – i found myself watching myself taunt me..I was a few years younger but I seemed innocent and unaware or perhaps distracted enough to be able to connect to my Sensual Self…alone in a room with a pole.

I am not sure why everyone isn’t given thier own room with a POLE..i am still searching for mine bc nothing compares the the one I had at Iron Flower –
A dark pretty room to my self with several poles and a mirror and i am in heaven.

I have my own pole outside the back of my house and i just began to play on it again.. this is not MY pole it is the House’s pole and my little guy climbs it everyday which is cute but kind of annoying..I can’t build mojo when my son keeps resetting it to a playground toy but then again..isn’t it…a playground toy…

I love the jungle gym..I love my younger self.. I enjoy reconnecting to her often and in that to my sexuality becasue I believe my sexuality is linked to my creativity…and I was born like that…I believe we all are..

Born as creative sexual beings desiring to build somethign out of nothing.. and then as we become adults…all that energy gets spliced and owned and broken and taken and we the beginning..we were pure Cupids. Playfull, Mischivious and loving to no end…becasue we were limitless. and we knew it…but over time we forget. forces us to dare to remember it and for some reason that pole…that spinning…soothes me back to that belief system and call me what you may…I dare you not to smile on the pole.

I rented a room at a Pole studio in Wynwood …it was different..nice..but different…I found little parts of myself…in this ever changing world of Miami that just as I was parking even led to me to that the 360 warehouse..the MITRANI warehouse that was called 360 four years ago and held my first performance piece – while I was looking for parking and happened to drive by and look inside and it was rubble…it was being demolished…all the creativeness was broken down…to be rebuilt..

This site of RUIN…ruins me and releases US ( ME and Miami ) we continues to’ll never KNOW her…or me… and that is why we are sisters forever..