HYPER- slightly

I calmed down a litle…just a little and I got a call from my DR. He said that his tests are saying the same as my original blood work and that I am HYPER…slightly in my thyroid.

I am not sure why this seems like a relief…He is still waiting for the biopsy but hyper people tend to have nodules…so here is hoping.

I really think gong off EGGS..well off a million eggs a day was important for me bc my number went down and I think that was what it was from…or the supplements…but I am going off all the supplement for 8 weeks and we will retest and see where we are.

I am a very spastic patient…and yoga is a necessary thing for me bc I can convince myself that ANYTHING anything ANYTHING is true…

Thus the ACTOR-

I feel spastic today…not that this is a clean bill of health but it is something got work on and I can do that….I can totally do that.