Last two days SOLO in Edinburgh…

Last two days bullet points…of how I spent them

I cleaned some of the house to prep for my leaving the next day

I decided to wear a jumpsuit from Anatomie and met with Tim Marriot

He had two freinds 

Joe and Marshal

Long time Edinburgh Festival Pro-folk

I bought them all a drink and we sat and talked

Marshal sent my photo to Sarah Silverman his friend bc he said I look like her

We hung out

Tim purchased the next round

And an eggplant pizza at the Assembly bar

We argued about philosophy and talked about his play he wants to bring to Florida

Then we all walked through the town

And Joe said he may come see my show

I ate food at Edinburgh cafe and did my mocha latte and had marshmallows

Tjasa brought a group to the play

I had a nice audience

I was alone 

No other promoters

Just Susie it was peaceful and I felt calm…this was comfortable…

I was loving my costume

So so happy about that

I did the show

It was a little unplugged – a bit more….performance art  area a little

I can see how I can dissolve the wall more like they did

The people I saw yesterday at Dance Base

I got it

It is less scripted


Luke, Karl, Jordan and Angel…I miss the whole SPACE 45 team…they were kind and loving and soooooo sweet to me

Tim and Joe came after the play but they but couldn’t see the play

Bc joe has sad news but how sweet that they wanted to tell me in person

I told them if I did the their play in Florida could it end a little different

As something new

Then Tjasa and her friends

Lizzy and Anne Marie and Ellen and I went to Ramon

I felt bad

Mason wanted to go there!!

Had soup laughed then went to free Fringe which was right down from where I stood all night

It was spoken. Word

It was very cool

I left

Early and drove home alone to the house- the final day

Took remaining 

1000 of postcards to recycling

Went to Jupiter Artland

A music fest weekend was ending

I had lunch at the cafe 

Soup and fries

I walked most of the ground

Took photos

Drove off proud of my independence 

A car behind me was Honking at me

I was wondering why

Turn out the trunk to my van was open

I drove to Edinburgh

I found parking a little off the normal road

I sat in my car and waited

I wasn’t sure if I should venture back in 

I chose to just go in for a bite but then I 

Had a cafe mocha and felt amazing

Went to check out mile 2 in space 39/ Radison

Air conditioning and angled stage

I then walked up the mile

Listened to music 

From a street performer 

I bought four cds

Then saw a person with a dance base Bag and took her Flyer

I then went to the thrift store that

Omar who Maria and met told us about 

I purchased a dress/ cover up for soho house for Heather…??

I walked to the dance space and ended up seeing an extra dance show with a company from Hong Kong

About the relationship between a dancer and choreographer- laughed the whole time.

Then I watched Paul Sanger a performance artist as dance base and realized I am a version of that- he had the audience participating in the play as a cll back to every time he said where he was from we would repeat it with a Welsh /Leeds Accept…it worked and the audience as engaged from the start…smart move…he talked the whole time -as he danced…it was dance theater I guess…I want Jewbana to fall into that category and be performed at that theater- Dance Base…

Then I grabbed a soup from the place we met Omar to go at the little place we found with Omar and the pelt and ran and broke a glass that was left on the floor as I went to see Paul Currie…the comedian

And walked super fast to catch the final show i would see there…by the skin of my teeth

I watch it

He was like the Dancer Actor Phil and like me but messy and less polished but wild and very robin Williams circa Mork and Mindy

The same conversation

Be nice

Kind to yourself

He appeared in a flower head like Olga’s work

I ran to my car parked in a questionable location and the navigation was frozen….i feared this into being but then i burst it with faith and my phone showed me the way!!!

Drove to the hotel ( on the opposite side of the road in the black of night) and then checked in and then to the car rental and returned the car and then walked right across to the Hilton double tree 

And took my first real bath ( not show) and laid down…

I Hear a song play on the tv that was from Miami motels and I slept and woke at 3

Walked to airport 

Waited to check in and then 

Picked up a wheat wrap with hummus

I have eaten bread every day since Steve left but feel good

Bread here is Better

Arrived in Miami after an amazing flight with LOTS of LEG ROOM

i arrive at Fort Lauderdale at 3pm and Steve swoops me up and I am home…I have a week of adjustment and acceptance and faith and now…i am here…it is done…moving on…


till next year