making Jewbana

Since Aug 16th 2018 I have started to decide I will do a one woman show. FOR REALS. A lifelong one day is now fast approaching. I have booked a theater and rented a home bought tickets for my family and I and have spent the last 4 months penning a script with one of my creative besties…Ms. Nedra Gallegos…

The script is ironing itself out and I have begunto put it on its feet then off to rewrite and then back on.

I have hired a person to help me get press. I have hired a person for social media once I get to Scotland…three friends are joining me…to support and take advantage of the opportunity of the experience…

I am feeling like this play has been writing itself in me for years and years…
and I am excited.

At the moment, I have decided to self-direct. As it is about me and I have some solid ideas…I am working with my Aunt Marcia on the costume…she who actually helped me dean bibbitec..and I am excited to be joining forces with her…and then I found Larry the designer to build a even better version of it.

My husband is listening to me and I am sharing the storyline with him and getting his input. I am proud of myself that I am actually asking and actually taking it without resistance to defensiveness. It is a rare feeling I am having more and more of copasetic behavior with the powerful people that are aligning with me on this project

I feel that this will be a major experience for me and I am allowing myself to slowly move toward it enjoying each part of it…even this part…the prep of the prep.

I wish you all big dreams and the freedom and the wings big enough to chase them…I feel like this has been a dream I built feather by feather and I am wining my wings and proud of each one’s ability.

I am asking the universe to continue to guide me…be it god or light or breath…all of it…to take me …let me draft…xoxox.