Nothing to bite on


Yes, I have figured out how to transmute energy in the micro second and although I often want to scream and yell like I used to…I smile and breath and take that energy and allow it to burn off more of my own ego.

My ego that thinks I know the right way about anything that is important to others. I only need to know what is right for me…the rest is NONE of my business. Thinking this way… is very detaching…but having come from the savior mentality where what I say matters and what you say equally affects me..

This version of….I have NO right to tell you how to feel or act …is actually much kinder…NO ONE IN AMERICA wants to be told how to be…

I have made peace with people who before I would avoid…becasue in the end…how someone lives or believes or eats or acts…is not my business…

I honor all people and all thoughts…I act as best as I can and I do what I feel is my DUTY …through my art.

I do not hate you for believing differently – i don’t want to waste my energy worrying about that…I believe you have your reasons – just like I do- I believe we are all different and have a choice to make about what we talk about, who we hang out with and how we make out points.

Wishing you love and light and softness….especially when the easier thing might be to do the opposite…

Transmutation of energy is a skill—- and yes I have changed…the way I handle my energy.