Space space SpAce

finding space within … I look outward for the blue print the copy the version I am searching for inside. I feel it but don’t see it. Want it but don’t know it, yearn and then dismiss it. SPACE…IT is within US.

I have spent some time at sunrise…THe sun and I have been dancing together and I try and mirror her…be her…expand her in my form and sometimes there are glimpses of her in mE.
like yesterday morning..

i turned to see her expand from a small RED HOT FIre Ball jawbreaker and then in one blink to a Massively HUGE planet…I looked down?
I was distracted? Plates shifted and time is -time is- folding in..
And in that gap -where the earth can crack- she slipped inside me and I became her. I felt her whole being with me and radiating and I felt earthed. Earthed by the sun within me.