Testing my process

I am currently in rehearsal for a submersion piece. This is a theatrical experience that doesn’t turn off. I will be performing my role in a small room with people and i will be speaking directly to them.

I am playing a 1957 smart repressed controlled housewife who secretly desires to be with woman. I am building a great character and learning how to work through this very immersive process to the process.

The experience is the most loving I have felt in a very long time. It is kind and respectful and organized and clear and to me…from the outside…very enjoyable. I am actually impressed with the team Tanya has and how she can yield this entire event…but I know I have done things like this…just not with a team so the idea is just so intoxicating…but I enjoy my position as the actor and I am happy for it.

Anyway…I am going to have to find a room and work on my SURF class and make sure I can get out of character…an exit out and an exit into susie..So

As Maylin mentioned, I am going to have to test my process and see how this works. I have created a playlist…that bring me home…and I have opened up the conversation with my kids and my husband about how I need to talk with them regarding what I am feeling and how it may or may not be real..

I find that all of this – this acting…opens me up to pure joy but also to being vulnerable and insecure bc that is how I create the roles…from a very open heart experience that builds movements and through without my control and it seems that this one is taping into my grandmother…Cynthia…

I am gong to rent the space at MTC or somewhere to work through this….on my own….every Monday…