The adjustment to a FLOW state…..can be hard

Drama is addicting…it is is at times thrilling but in the end…DRAMA is not in any way…..flow.

SO if you are aiming to have a FLOW state in your life, in your relationships, you have to be willing to let go of Drama.

The letting go usually is FILLED with Drama…mostly internal…it is a wrestling of your authentic self and your massive ego…I see it like that boxem game I had when I was little…it feels that way.

It also feels this was when I used to get into character…it was an aggressive EGO knocking out my better self in order to perform the DRAMA…

SO in life we want the reverse and instead of a knock out we want a GRACEOUT..
The only way to exit a story without having to deal with the repercussions is to do is in GRACE.

This is like taking a bonfire or energy and learning how to negotiate it to a a feather and then tickling the story and is NOT Drama

Because Drama depicts Drama

So…in order to be in FLOW we have to consider that we are going to release DRAMA…which is to me…a SAD by product of all this…I feel calm and in not having real coffee I feel manageable and although I have had outbursts lately it has been directly due to waking someone up and in that…sometimes…they only respond to DRAMA because that is where they are but I do it as though I am acting…it is NOT me it is a tool I am using to mirror them and bring them out of it…and that is important because in that exercise I am showing them that in order to must fully be engaged with the story…know it and understand it and only then can you let it go and NOT…not in any of the MAJOR threads that have held me has that been a pretty scene.

I tend to CRY a ton…mourning…mourning the way things won’t be anymore but like anything ….sugar, coffee, bread, fake boobs, botox…there is a reality to living in a calmer reality…it is slower and kinder and creates less pain for you and those around you.

Be aware of CHARGES around you…see if you can NOT respond…see if you can dive under the wave and breath and NOT allow it into you…especially when it isn’t yours to hold.

Gossip is Drama…but the way….so be aware of that too…sneaky little thing she is.