The Creative Shelter has a home

I woke up wanting to toss the whole idea. the class the space the everyone I have met the past tow years…I…I wanted to ….and before the thought hooked be a swept my legs to the side of the bed and began my mediation and crystal blue color allured between my hands and the thought
I accept the fact that I AM became my tapping resolved with
an understanding of owning WHO I AM.

I painted my body with this turquoise irradesnce energy…mostly my eyelids and I protected mySELF…my body that moves through this world..that takes lunges as a secondary form of communication …and writing as a third….

I walked into the home heart and scooted my youngest creative soul off to school and began to clean and organize and have my morning JO and then I checked my phone.

Three text already

1) the owner of the space I used for my ART BASEL SHOW in 2014 offer me a standing 1st Monday of the month space
2) she also asked to begin the used of a immersive play I have had in my head for decades.
3) my other friend reminded me of our bar class this morning and writing session for her TV show
4) I was invited to a party.

Not too many people came to my class…but for the originals…people who will maybe one day be practitioners of the class…becasue they have been training with me for years and have returned to the fire over and over…

G was there but decided to record the class…and in that I believe sh saw ad felt what I as doing the work I am interested in and was willing to lend her skills to the conversation..

This was good…too good…becasue wake wanting to toss it all…becasue why?

Because the minute I take this recurring date for my class..the minute I have that meeting about a play …I die…susie that I know…the one typing this will die…because this

I am alone…no one understand me…I’ll try again next lifetime…well..she won’t exist it I take this meeting and the TRUST…the trust issues…they die and I that A part of me…the skiing leaves on a tree part of me that convinces herself the and is blowing and everything is normal…will die and all that shaking…all that shaking….will rattle and break through to another version of this goddess I am becoming….SHIVA… on the pole in my home…I the kitchen… and I don’t have to be anything else or slow down or clam down…or center..I am center….and those that are around me are shaking too and about to break through with me….as it take several entrance points to FAZE into a New reality… and I AM