Lovely how much diffence a year makes…

Tomorrow I am going to a year check up with Dr. Rotemberg.

She is a spiritual woman and a wonderful plastic surgeon in MIami..
She is beautiful and kind and patient.with her patients..last year on December 14th ( oh it has been more than a year) I first removed my implants and then four months later did a lift and I am sooooooo thankful.

I love my boobs. They are small and perky and I feel whole again.

I had the implants for so long and I aligned them with so many things…my sexual power my body image so so ingrained this lie seeped and it took me a long time to decide how to remove them
And with which Dr… and what to do next…if you are going through this I feel your angst.

But if you had small breast to begin with I will say it was nice returning to my former self…

Most people want a fat transfer or implants again…from what I experienced talking to Doctors..going for just an explanation alone and waiting for lift is not that common but it was highly Recomended and I feel helpful in why they turned out as they did.
it was the best choice to me and I am so in love with my SELF- not becasue of how they look but becasue I have been able to re-introduce myself to my self again and She is lovely.

I am looking forward to seeing the Doctor again and thanking her for all her help.