Spent the day with my dearest darling Alison

Alison if you never met her is adorable..she is the girl you play with on the playground becasue she will never push you or leave you behind ..she is Alison…we met in 7th grade in a youth group maybe or in school and we carpooled and became BEst freinds forever.
Alison is now a very very important doctor in BOCA…she is still my playmate but sh also is a hero…saving lives and making people feel comfortable about talking abut colonoscopies…
I mean real comfortable…like not at all shy about it…
How do I know this…does she have an online station or an instagram account where she promotes good rectal health?
No- I know she has made a change in the way people chat about their colons becasue I witnessed it…in a theater in Broward right before the curtain was about to rise…she created a stir…and as an actress I never had such fan fair in my life…and here she was a doctor…in a theater getting called at and people were climbing over the seats to just get close to her.
Lets begin with the fact that we are there to see Kinky Boots…we had seats in the 5th row center orchestra…as we entered the theater and began to walk to our seats…people began to yell…Dr. Schnieder…she was embarrassed right away..I woudl have stopped and demanded more it they were calling my name but she kept walking after saying a quick hello and once we got to our seats we figured it would be safe..we were very much incorrect…turns out we had to scootch past people who also happened to be patients of hers….patients who she stuck either her finger or something else intrusive up thier tooshys and they had no shame…they acted as through they were seeing a rock star…one woman even shouted back a few rows to another woman explaining…remember the IBS issue I had..t he Dr.I told you about…this is her…
Another pushed her daughter into our row and introduced Alison to her and then told her daughter to make sure to see her…in my imagination I hope…the ushers were tying to calm this IBS colon hyper active folks down so they can start to show but as great as the show was that night…I mostly remember my closest freind alison causing the audience to swoon bc she was able to stick something up thier toosh…and I guess…that’s a thing with them…but it is all Greek to me..
I love Alison becasue she is my freind she is who I called when I overdosed on Cannibus and she is who talked me down from the massive panic attack I was having…I love that she has created an amazing career that has helped so many people out -so many assholes out to be honest..but to me…she is just a sweet sexy lovely sweet angel of a freind…xo