ABUNDANCY……..through acting

If my frequency is able to affect change then if I am performing and people are being affected I want to use that opportunity to creat a loving change with people.

Playing Mrs. Wade was exactly that. I played a lovely character that seemed to garner a great deal of love from those that met her. People mostly left my room adoring her and themselves and with smiles on their faces.

I enjoyed this role to the utmost…I missed her from Monday through Thursday afternoon and was happily surprised and delighted when she returned to me on Thursday night…as I played the music PERHAPS PERHAPS PERHAPS and did my hair and makeup.

From now on I want to create these characters…new and kind and loving work and that send messages of empathy and love out into the world and abundance…
I want Mrs. Wade and all those that love her to move forward in kindness and grace and fiercely create their future that is only able to be the only outcome in the block buster movie of all time….YOUR LIFE

HIGH FREQUENCY ACTING…not low frequency acting..

So seeing things as they are without attachment or angst…and being free from it all to become and fulfill my wildest dreams….that will catapult me to my future successful acting career that is sustainable and plentiful and kind and loving —-abundant….