cog·ni·tive dis·so·nance

Why is there a fight when we are given new information about something? Why can’t we just abort the false information and move ahead?

cog·ni·tive dis·so·nance: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

I like to picture CD as the ROCKEN SOCKEM ROBOTS.

Most of us feel that our beliefs are US.

We believe that if we believe something different we will cease to be who we are. We struggle with the letting go because the truth is

We will die.

Our EGO knows we will DIE – someone else when we change our minds. A younger less practiced ego who won’t know everything… THis happens a lot to us in life but to choose to do this….exit a story on your own…what is SKILL

The EGO…wrong or right is not interested in dying and starting over. It has worked so hard to create this ROLE .. it will fight to survive.

So what do you do when two equally powerful ideas are having it out with each other.

You ask yourself “Which idea is right?”



A better question is which idea is LESS angry?

Causes less drama?

Allows your body to truly release?

Which one is Calm?

The idea that holds on too strongly and causes pain and anger is a


An old story trying to hold on by overcompensating with razzle dazzle. The Less dramatic idea is a young creative new thought. It tends to feel like air- like ether- unformed and impressionable..

If you follow that NEW IDEA you die – but you also will truly EVOLVE as a person and release OLD stories from your body or at least the attachment you have to them.

But the EGO, that OLD STORY is just so tasty and exciting and OVERDONE…even when you think you are trying to exit with a dramatic exit…you are just perpetuation it it energy….strengthening it by looking at it….

by slamming the door.

BUT we all know ENERGY NEVER DIES….remember…it can be transmuted and that my loves is what we are all in need of learning…How NOT to slam the door but rather walk softly to it, open it a tiny bit. slither through and blow kisses as we sneak softly out of the ROOM-

Transmutation of ANGER–is the sexiest thing I have ever felt or seen!

You leave a charged situation with a energetic bank account that can be converted into whatever you want with the blink of an eye…it is mystic power…it is something to strive for…riding the wave..

Yes the issue needs to be acknowledged but then…it needs to be FULLY abandoned, put in a box and walked away from, KINDLY.


I have found that MUSIC is really really helpful.

If you can find a song that fully represents the feeling you are grabbling to release…put that song on and allow yourself to move through the music till the very end of the song. The music will resolve like any song does and eventually your story will too. REPEAT as needed till you feel a release…like a chiropractic adjustment… It is a sneaky way to begin to trick your psyche- it is what many of us use to get into moods but in this case we use it to get out of it.-

My book with the exercises I use is coming out in a month. It is my process of doing this…super simple and works.

Music that is set to 440 LOVE – middle C is helpful. Your body will not lie if you place this type of music on you and move and film yourself while you explore the disagreement within you. You can watch the video back and you can see for YOURSELF…what is ugly and mean and hurt and pain. EGO ..and what is kind and loving and peaceful soul ego newness

Ask yourself truly…are you here to win the fight? or Are you here to end it?