Do you

Something I have enjoyed lately is the idea that I am creating a piece of work that is entirely ME. As an actor or inventor I have always focused on something OTHER than myself…or at least had another shield up infont of me. This is not a class or a product or a character this…this show I am doing is entirely me.

TO be able to do this. TO want to do this. To desire to explore my own journey as a topic of conversation as through…as through…it means something to the world. has been a right of passage. I am not obliged or desperate I am graceful and kind.

A few women have told me that they are joining me in Edinburgh. It wasn’t a request or an ask. They have just informed me that they will be there. Is this how people create groups and collectives? Is this how moving organically happens?

I am curious…having never been so hyper aware of this type of movement in my life before..the “build it and they will come”…I’ll scratch that…with my other things people have always helped and I think it is ..that this thing…it not as a PROOF…it is more or a conversation that the energy about it all just seems less…aggressive for my side and perhaps yields less aggression on the other?? I don’t know…

I am enjoying enjoying…I walked 2 hours on the Bech today with my dearest darling Maria…we talked uplifting frequency things and implanted joyful bliss in our morning minds.

I believe it is important when we move to think and talk about love and kindness once you have healed your hurts of the past..

It is our right to be OK to be JOYFUL to be peaceful…it is our right…and while others may still need to fight the good fight I am not them…anymore..

peace love and joy….1960