stay still Susie

Creating energy is sometimes about being still…spinning in circles and developing centrifugal force…around a pole…

My house has a back yard……when I need to beckon the gods I play on that pole..I don’t WORK the POLE I Play on the pole and like in life the way we approach things makes all the difference..

I have released the gym…I have begun to accept fluidity as strength both in my life and in my exercise…testing again

the form follows function formula

I am not ripped I am whole

I am no strong I an secure

I am not toned I am able

I am not a product but a process

I have to remember the limitedness of finite concepts…

I am flow and fluid and light and kindness

I am all things at all times and if you see be in a divisional way it is your loving glass not mine but I will help you adjust it if you wish…open your sense and view all of you…if you dare.

But that is only for the willing and the bravest butterflies…the ones who dream of touching their creatresses finger one day…and to feel equal…to her at the moment it happens..

Play on….