Going Vegan

SO, there is a health thing going on in the family again. It is brings back memories of my dad ( old emails literally popped up about him being dead…condolence emails and me canceling appointments because of it.) and it is causing me to take stronger steps to become a vegan.

I think having a friend here to talk to Steve and I about the steps to take was great. Her passion is plant based eating so she was wonderful to get a ton of advice from. Steve and I were fine…we talked through it and were in agreement that we are giving up Dairy and meat. I know that my eating is really laxed lately…And I have been feeling sluggish even though I drink coffee

I think my adrenal glands need some TLC and I am interested in seeing what going vegan feels like.

Tomorrow will be the first day it is Feb 7th. I am going to explore being vegan …I am going to commit to it in softness…not in aggressiveness…. I made it my Yoga intention today….and so we shall see…what a few months of this new way of eating brings me….

right now, I feel heavy and sluggish and so I hope it helps me.