Why Actors Need Recovery

Acting is an emotional sport. It is high risk and injury can be unseen…like concussions in football…there are side effects maybe invisible to the naked eye.

This is something that I hope people will consider and like football concessions, emotional concessions can be reduced or prevented if the actors use protection

First the actor playing the role. Any role. Needs to understand if they are an empath. If they are they need to handle themselves with care…and tried softly.

If they double down in pain for example by using their own personal pain the traumas will mesh and become one. Trying to undo that will be very difficult after the job is over.

If they don’t use their own pain. The question is will they still be able to act? Yes, Yes, you can imagine pain and in that replicate a version of it…it will actually be a fuller version because your perspective can actually hinder it jam it up and make it more of a choppy recall…image a bad replica

By using your imagination and having you yourself a desire to not hold pain…your work will be inspired and universal in so many ways…. new ways.

If you don’t use you own pain but you Chanel it I still believe you must in both cases take DOWN TIME…especially if you are an empath…I am sure most actors have a hard time saying NO to work but like a concussion. Getting out a role you spent weeks getting into is something to consider and I wish there was a way to bring this practice to the actors and the rest of the world that was affordable.

Letting go of Story, Ego, Character is something I have found very valuable…it is humbling to the tenth degree and has allowed me to be more emotionally stable and see my true self and not just pretend version of me who were created through characters I was playing.

I spent years searching for an authentic self and I have met her and all her shades and I love each and every corner of her soul’s rainbow…

I hope one day acting schools will offer a class called Getting out of Character and that the actors will be aware that playing a tough role will require post rehab and recovery and they will get it.

As I said at the top. Acting is an emotional game…it is important that actors are healed creatives and help spread kinder messages…as they are the one that can talk out loud…one day…I hope they will speak their own LOVING and INCLUSIVE words…